Release 0.3 — Telescope

The second part of Release 0.3 is all about contributing to the Telescope project.

I found a front end issue to work on that was related to accessibility. The link to the original post appeared as button tag in the HTML file. This happens because of the use of material-UI card components. While I was looking for the solution for this issue, there were changes merged and the UI for this page was changed as well. In the new design, the card action component was not used. Each card has a link to the original blog post. Well, it solved the accessibility issue and I had to close this issue. I felt a bit waste of time but on the other hand, I learned from it.

Then I had to find another issue to work on. I found this issue related to the inconsistent results when running test and coverage. When we run npm run coverage, there is one failed test in wiki-feed-parser.test.js, but when we run npm run test, everything passes.

Since I was already familiar with the structure of the project the first thing I did is to check the package.json file. I found that in coverage script the FEED_URL_INTERVAL_MS=200 parameter was missing. After adding FEED_URL_INTERVAL_MS=200 to coverage script as follow:

"coverage": "cross-env LOG_LEVEL=silent MOCK_REDIS=1 FEED_URL_INTERVAL_MS=200 jest --collectCoverage --"

Both tests produced the same result.

Committed the changes and pushed to my local branch named issue-1239, then created pull request. This PR got approved very fast and merged.